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The address of AOM DESARROLLO Y CONSULTORÍA S.L, a company dedicated to project design and development of Led lighting installations. Design and marketing of own brand Led Luminaires. Architecture and carbon footprint services. Declares that Quality, Conservation and Protection of the Environment is a permanent objective in all its products and activities carried out in the organization.

In order to obtain the best results in the monitoring of this policy, Senior Management has opted for the implementation of a Quality and Environmental Management System based on the reference standards UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015. In the development of its projects and products, the organization focuses its attention on the following aspects:

  1. Implement and maintain, through the responsibility and participation of all members of the organization and who works on their behalf, an Integrated Management System.
  2. Fulfillment of the requirements and expectations of our clients. Know the implicit and explicit needs of customers, both current and future, to ensure that products and services are satisfactory to them.
  3. The adequate training of the personnel, so that they carry out their activities with the required quality levels, so that they are aware of the possible environmental aspects that the development of their activities may generate and so that they are aware of the risks derived from their jobs, making them participate in the respect of our policy in all its activities.
  4. The participation of our workers in the improvement of the System, through communication and consultation. For the effective application of these principles, it is absolutely necessary to support them by both the management team and the entire staff of the organization.
  5. The commitment to continuous improvement of our processes and working conditions, towards the Quality of our services and products, customer satisfaction and towards the prevention of pollution, for the improvement of environmental performance.
  6. Identify and assess the environmental aspects and impacts of its activities, products and services that it can control and those that it can influence within the defined scope of the Integrated Management System, taking into account new or modified developments, products and services for the purpose to reduce them as far as possible to achieve a high level of respect for the environment, preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental impact of activities, as well as a sustainable use of resources.
  7. Compliance with the requirements offered to customers, consolidating their trust in the organization. Compliance with applicable legal requirements and with others that the Organization subscribes related to Quality and the Environment.
  8. The company evaluates its suppliers and based on this evaluation our suppliers are approved and as long as there are no non-conformities in the services provided by said suppliers, they will remain as approved suppliers.


This policy is included in the strategy of AOM DESARROLLO Y CONSULTORÍA SL, whose quality objectives are to occupy a leadership position in the lighting sector and obtain customer satisfaction, offering superior value in quality, efficiency, service and overall cost ; and its environmental objectives are to correctly manage its waste and consume more environmentally friendly material.

This Policy;

  • It is presented in order to constitute the frame of reference to establish and review the objectives and goals of Quality and Environment of AOM DESARROLLO Y CONSULTORÍA S.L.
  • It is available to all interested parties who claim their knowledge and is communicated to all people who work for the organization or on behalf of it, with the purpose of making them aware of their individual obligations in terms of Quality and the Environment.
  • It is reviewed periodically in order to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the requirements of AOM DESARROLLO Y CONSULTORÍA S.L. and its Integrated Management System.
  • It is known by each of the members of AOM DESARROLLO Y CONSULTORÍA S.L., who accept the responsibility of complying with it and enforcing it to all the personnel in their charge.

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