Installation and Construction Companies

We have extensive experience in lighting, supplying products of the brand BLUE Line® LED. All our luminaires meet high standards of quality and compliance with marking CE (LVD y EMC).

In new construction or rehabilitation projects, we work in coordination with the contract the project to reduce the cost of lighting items.

  • We custom manufacture any type of interior or exterior luminaire, reducing the unit cost of each item.
  • To optimize the necessary lighting of the project, we do simulations through specialized software such as Dialux® or Relux®.

We carry out previous Lighting Reports with justification of compliance with the UNE-12464 and CTE HE3 regulations.

After supplying the lighting, we provide the installation company with the documentation for the end of the work. We also provide lighting studies and technical information necessary for compliance with WELL, LEED, BREEAM or similar certificates.